Friday, October 24, 2014

Unbelievably Sarah Palin simply cannot resist once again using her daughter Bristol to play the victim card.

So Palin already came riding in on her white moose to come to her poor, sad, pathetic daughter's aid once.

But clearly that is not enough. So she fired up the old ghostwriter again and had another Facebook post uploaded on her behalf: 

I thought I'd seen it all, but this one leaves me with that punch-in-the-gut, flabbergasted shock that I can't shake anymore while witnessing the media's free fall into that damaging darkness covering America. The media is at fault for so many aspects of the division and hopelessness running rampant in our society. It's not the people – it's the media perpetuating a sense of injustice and despair, resulting in apathy or desperation in homes and communities all across our country. The degradation falls on your shoulders, media principals. Though many have tried to give CNN the benefit of the doubt with their overall news coverage (in fact I've even been happy to publicly point out issues CNN has fairly covered), shame on us if we continue to support their unprofessional, hypocritical, and unethical news coverage. It's truly sickening, yet strangely laughable, their underestimation of the wisdom of their audience. Compare these two videos Bristol highlighted in her latest blog post.

This example makes me physically sick because they spit in the face of every American who has fought for freedom and sacrificed to protect everyone's First Amendment rights. It's not because this issue involves my daughter; it's because Carol Costella, her ilk, and her boss are disgustingly dismissive and disrespectful of the sacrifices made that allow them a platform from which to broadcast their hate and stupidity. CNN is lucky to have their few outstanding employees that shine through the darkness that is CNN. I admire the good ones, and hope they land at more deserving companies when CNN goes under. Zucker, not for my sake, but for the sake of a cornerstone of our democracy—the press—get ahold of your underlings. They make you look really, really bad, and they are ruining America.

 - Sarah Palin

And yes she also links to another ghostwritten post on Bristol's blog. (Do you think it is possible that both ghostwriters are the same person? Cause I kind of do.)

In Brancy's post two videos of Carol Costello covering two entirely different topics are compared.

One is concerning ESPN's Steven A. Smith suggesting that women sometimes invite abuse in reference to the Ray Rice incident.

And of course the other one is Costello's response to the Bristol Palin audio.

You can see that here:

At this point it is pretty obvious that the Palins are pushing for Costello to be fired, just like MSNBC did with Martin Bashir.

Costello already apologized, which was a mistake because Sarah Palin is drawn to that kind of weakness like a shark to blood.

Simply put she wants her pound of flesh and she is now trying to cut the weakest from the media herd, where she will then take their life. Or at the very least take their livelihood.

The other day when Palin remarked that " CNN contacts us directly on a regular basis with inquiries and requests for comment." That was on purpose, and it was meant to suggest to the CNN powers that be that if they play ball with Palin she just might, just might, throw them a bone of two.

If CNN gives in and allows this to happen they are simply empowering a bully to continue destroying anybody who dares to stand up to her and call her out on her lies, manipulations, and shortcomings.

Once again for the record. The story that Bristol lays out is NOT supported by any of the other witnesses. Simply put, it is a lie!

Everybody has the right to mock a drunk woman, who attempted to assault a man for no reason, attempting to convince the police that SHE is the victim. 

According to Pat Robertson we all have the power to raise the dead, but we're simply not using it. Wait, what?

"Well he gave his disciples authority to heal the sick, to raise the dead. I mean that was part of our power. You see ladies and gentlemen God is almighty, he is A-L-MIGHTY, and he gives us that power and Jesus said 'you say to the mountain. you speak to the dead person.' He called on Lazarus. he said 'Lazarus come forth' and the dead man came up out of the ground. We have the same power. he's given it to us, it's in the holy spirit. But we need to be in touch with him. We need to behold him. We need to be submitted to him. That power's there we're just not using it."

Well this changes my afternoon plans completely.

Here I was planning to go to the movies with my daughter, but screw that!

There is a dead dog in the woods just off the road and by God I am going to go on over there and raise that puppy from the dead.  And then I am going to start my new life as a faith healer and zombie maker.

I can hardly wait!

Boy I wonder if I could raise Sarah Palin's career from the dead?

Nah, that is too miraculous even for God.

So why is Joni Ernst gathering information about recount procedures a week and a half before the election?

Courtesy of TPM:  

Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst (R) this week requested materials on recount procedures, signaling that she might be gearing up for a recount request in the Iowa Senate race against Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA). 

Ernst filed open records requests in multiple counties for training materials, satellite voting locations, names of ballot counters, recount procedures and any thing also sent to Braley, The Gazette reported. 

Such a large record request so close to an election is unusual for candidates, multiple Iowa auditors told The Gazette. 

"I think they’re gearing up for a recount," Johnson County Auditor Travis Weipert said.

Okay well there are two ways to take this.

One is that the Ernst campaign is thinking proactively with an abundance of caution.

Or that they expect to lose and like many recent GOP candidates will simply refuse to accept defeat until they have exhausted all possible challenges?

Yeah I am going to go with the latter.

Well there is mooseshit to shovel concerning the Palin drunken brawl, so it's time to call out the main Mat-Su manure spreader herself Sarah Palin.

So yesterday Palin fired up her Facebook ghostwriter and had them pound out this stinking bucket of sewage in defense of her daughter: 

I understand that the CNN host who laughed at my daughter describing her assault has issued an apology to Politico. (Why Politico needs an apology is anyone’s guess. No one at CNN contacted my family regarding an apology, in case you were wondering. CNN contacts us directly on a regular basis with inquiries and requests for comment, so it’s not for lack of contact information that they didn't reach out. But perhaps Carol Costello should phone Martin Bashir. He knows how to reach us.) 

What happened on the night in question wasn’t funny. It was humiliating and frightening. The broken ribs, black eyes, and messed up elbows and knees suffered by people in our party that night were no laughing matter. Neither were Bristol’s bruises on her arms and leg from being dragged by a man. My kids aren’t proud of what happened, nor are they seeking sympathy by playing the victim card – that’s why they haven’t commented on this for all these weeks. Instead, they had to have faith that the truth would come out, despite those who did the cold-cocking actually using social media to brag, “’bout to get famous!” Screen shots of tweets captured their bold intentions, and they’ve certainly enjoyed the publicity. 

Looking at the reports, it strikes me as bitterly ironic that the same people who tell us there is a “war on women” have no problem laughing at the recording of my daughter crying as she tells police about being assaulted by a man. I’d like to say shame on the media and those on the left laughing at her or at any young woman in a similar situation, but I no longer think they have any shame. 

Now Todd and I are headed to an exciting middle school girl’s basketball game along with dozens of other families proud to cheer on their daughters. 

- Sarah Palin

Did she really dredge up poor Martin Bashir who lost his job at MSNBC for daring to speak the truth?

And this part. "My kids aren’t proud of what happened, nor are they seeking sympathy by playing the victim card" is laugh out loud funny.

As for those bruises, broken ribs, and "messed up knees and elbows" those are the result of their mouths writing checks that their bodies could not cash. In other words don't pick a fight you can't win and then blame the victor for your injuries. That is most certainly NOT the Alaskan way.

It is clear to me that the reason the Palins stayed quiet about this thing is because they were too busy praying it would all go away. Nut now that it hasn't. and we have damning audio which absolutely proves who the villains were here, they are working overtime to spin the reality into Palin approved fantasy.

And that is simple bullshit.

And it is bullshit by the way that Andrew Sullivan cannot help but smell, even as far away as he is from Alaska.

Here is what he had to say about Bristol's blog post courtesy of The Dish: 

"After a month and a half of hearing rumors about myself and family, I’ve finally decided to comment about the situation. Instead of listening to all the people who weren’t there — people who claim they heard this from their cousin/brother/sister-in-law/step-daughter/long lost little brother – let me tell you what actually happened." 

“People who weren’t there?” “Rumors”? We’re talking about a public police report detailing the views of the people, on both sides, in the middle of the melee. Then Bristol gives an account of the incident in which she simply dismisses the eye-witness accounts of all the non-Palins there that she confronted the owner of the house and repeatedly punched him in the face until he finally stopped her. The incident has now become a very disturbing and unprovoked – “scary and awful” – assault on a vulnerable woman whose only crime was acting in self-defense. Which raises the obvious question: if this is true, why on earth did she not press charges? If it’s that serious, she surely should have. Which is why CNN anchors should not be intimidated by the rightwing noise machine.

Yes there are definitely those on the Right who have apparently been paid to come to the defense of the Palins, but ANYBODY with even an ounce of journalistic integrity can immediately see what the Palins are up to here.

In fact there are those, such as all of you here, who even saw this coming days after the brawl took place.

I think that CNN and other news outlets should refuse to simply reprint the crap posted about this by Bristol and Sarah, and instead offer them the chance, on air, to tell their side of the story and answer a few simple questions.

After all if they have been so wronged by the media, if Bristol was indeed brutalized by a 200 lb man, and if other members of their family were assaulted by numerous party goers, they should welcome the opportunity.

Unless of course they're lying and are afraid of being called out on those lies publicly.

Gawker transcribes some epic Track Palin quotes from the audio of the drunken brawl aftermath.

Gawker took on the herculean task of listening to all of the police audio tape and picking out the bits and pieces that really give you a truly representative look into the psyche of Track Palin.

Seriously these just gems.

First concerning (the guy he thinks is) his dad's birthday:  

"Alright this is my old man," Track tells police. "It's his birthday, okay. So we're at this party in Wasilla. Dude, surprise him with a new truck, new trailer, new wrap on the trailer. Everything was fucking kosher."

And please, who doesn't want a "fucking kosher" truck and trailer. (Honestly I did not even know that trucks came kosher. Possibility helps to explain why Palin always has that garish Star of David around her aging neck.)

On his recently cold cocked friend Steve Lebida: 

"He's like a little pussy you know what I'm saying?" Track told the officer. "Like he's not gonna fight nobody. Most innocent, basically a gay guy, but he's not."

Who knew that Track was so open minded about having a gay but not really gay friend? 

On why he was shirtless: 

"I just bought this brand new shirt, so I took it off. I don't want to rip it," Track tells the officer. "Let's fucking fight. Four guys came on me, I hit one. One picked me up, tackled me, I hit one."

It makes total sense now. If four guys came on you that could get messy.  And possibly leave a stain.

On why he lost even with that warrior body of his:  

"If it was one-on-one, I'd beat the shit out of them," he said. "One-on-one, like I'll beat their ass. I'm not trying to be gay or nothing. But they're four guys, man, like come on. I've done jujitsu my whole life, wrestled forever. Like let's fucking roll."

Yeah if only these guys had come at Track one on one, you know as it was described by some of the party goers who were not members of the drunken Palin clan, then he TOTALLY would have beaten them until they pooped their pants.

Which is unsurprising since this is how Track described his assailant(s): "They're all like little bitches."

Gee no wonder Sarah is so proud of her son.

He is such an inspiration to other layabouts living off their parents and drinking themselves into a comatose state every night.

Republicans promise to bring back the "kind of principled conservative leadership President Bush provided our great nation." Seriously?

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

In a fundraising email sent out Tuesday, RNC chief operating officer Sara Armstrong promised Republicans would bring the leadership qualities of President George W. Bush to the Senate if they prevailed in the upcoming Nov. 4 midterm elections. 

“President George W. Bush once said, ‘I will live and lead by these principles: to advance my convictions with civility, to pursue the public interest with courage, to speak for greater justice and compassion, to call for responsibility and try to live it as well,’” the email starts. 

“That’s what America needs right now: a big dose of leadership. The kind of principled conservative leadership President Bush provided our great nation. And the kind of leadership Republicans will deliver when we win a Senate majority.”

You know I don;t usually like to lend and support to the Republican party, but I have to say that they are really on to something with this. 

I will probably lose my Al Gore liberal decoder ring for this, but I think that if the Republicans keep offering to bring us back to the days of the George W. Bush presidency that they will be virtually unstoppable in this elections cycle.

I mean when you think of taking this country in the right direction who DOESN'T think about "W"?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nicolle Wallace on when she realized, that Sarah Palin realized, that she was over her head during the 2008 campaign.

Here are some quotes courtesy of TPM:  

"There was a moment shortly after I met her where I realized that she realized that she was in over her head," Wallace said. "Just watching her sort of shrink under the enormity and the scrutiny and the hot bright light of our national political process." 

"We should be happy when anyone wants to go into politics," the former GOP strategist continued. "We are really hard on our politicians and we should be happy when people want to jump in and do that." 

Williams asked whether Palin was a "crier." 

"No, I've seen George Bush more, cry more often than I've ever seen - no, no, she wasn't a crier," Wallace said. 

Williams then delved into Wallace's strained relationship with Palin. 

“I think she was really disappointed with the way she was being handled by the entire staff and I think I was a fair scapegoat,” Wallace said. “I was one of a very small circle of people helping her. And the decisions in hindsight weren’t good ones for her. I mean she didn’t look good. So it was fair to be mad at a staff person, that’s your job." 

"But there's nothing you can do as a staffer when you sort of lose the confidence of the principal and that's what happened through the course of the Couric interviews," Wallace continued.

That quote about not crying totally matches up with what I have been told about Palin.

Her go to emotion is anger, not sadness.

And Wallace is very magnanimous to suggest that it was fair for Palin to scapegoat her for Palin's own failings. That is another go to tactic of Palin's, to blame other people for her inadequacies.

I think this might be an opportunity to revisit exactly WHY Palin was so devastated by the loss in 2008.

I have heard from a number of people that she literally did not believe for a minute that she and John McCain were not going to emerge victorious. Therefore everything that was happening in Alaska, and the questions about Trig's parentage, and any scandals that might attach themselves to her or her family were going to be wiped away by the shear excitement resulting from the election of the first woman to the vice presidency.

One my new sources told me that Sarah "Does not think ahead. She simply does things and expects the details to work themselves out."

So with that in mind perhaps it is understandable WHY Palin was so upset that she was not being treated with great respect, and instead was being forced to answer the kinds of questions that as Governor she had always delegated to her subordinates to answer, and then being ridiculed for her ignorance.

Make no mistake, coming back to Alaska was a sign of failure. And she simply could not stand failing so publicly.

That is why scenes like the ones portrayed in Game Change happened. And why her appearance and mental health have continued to decline in the years since.

Essentially this brawl in Anchorage is just one more example of the public getting an up close and personal look at her failure. This time as a parent.

No wonder they are trying to hard so spin this in such a way as to make them appear to be the innocent victims.

Withering under public scrutiny over the Alaska National Guard scandal, Sean Parnell decides it's time to hide behind his wife's skirt.

Today Sandy Parnell, Sean's very private wife, has decided to come out of the shadows to protect her incredibly disappointing husband.

Here is a portion courtesy of Alaska Dispatch: 

We’re all deeply concerned about the revelations of wrong-doing coming from the guard -- for the victims, for the men and women of the rank-and-file, and for our state. The terrible actions of a few, with the failure we’ve seen within the guard’s top ranks, are unforgivable. Our guard members and their families do incredible work on behalf of Alaskans, and they deserve better. 

I was with my husband, Sean, when he got the call in February with concrete information that called the Alaska guard command into question. Sean immediately called the National Guard Bureau’s Office of Complex Investigations (OCI). 

Sean was very frustrated, but I saw grim determination, too. The report he received on the phone that day was in sharp contrast to what he was being told by guard leadership, and my husband was committed to getting to the bottom of this. 

I am thankful that the bureau’s OCI responded so quickly and so professionally when my husband called for this independent, outside investigation. The insinuation by some that Sean would not take action is wrong. That is not who my husband is, and that’s not what I have seen him do. He took action, immediately, every time. When he got the facts, he acted. With every specific allegation of assault, he followed up personally.

Sadly that does not line up with what we have been told about Parnell's response to this crisis.

Earlier this month the Dispatch reported that: 

The record shows that Parnell took nearly his entire four-year term to remove officials at the top of the guard and its related civilian department. 

Parnell, officially the guard’s civilian commander, has acknowledged receiving complaints about deeply entrenched problems within guard leadership starting in 2010, but he said they lacked specifics. 

The problems didn’t go away. More than three years later, on Feb. 28, Parnell called for help from the Pentagon. 

Nor does it line up with statements made by  State Senator Fred Dyson who said the following:“I three times went to Sean and said: "You need to get on top of this and do something,’ and his response was, ‘I’ve done everything asked of me and every charge that has been brought has been referred to law enforcement. What more should I do?’ I said, ‘You need to be in charge of this and there’s more stuff, including an atmosphere that allows this stuff to go forward.”

No as much as Sandy Parnell might want to rescue her husband from his lack of leadership and inability to protect the soldiers under his command, this is a crisis of his own creation.

And having your wife come out to defend you and claim you were doing your job, how pathetic is that?

No wonder even Sarah Palin has endorsed his opponent.

In wake of National Guard scandal Anchorage school district bans military recruiters indefinitely.

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch:  

On the heels of scathing allegations of sexual and other misconduct against officers in the Alaska Army National Guard, the Anchorage School District has halted all military recruiting at its schools indefinitely, according to Heidi Embley, district spokeswoman. 

Ed Graff, district superintendent, started alerting all branches of the military Monday that they could no longer recruit on school property until they met individually with Graff to "discuss student safety and other issues," Embley said. 

Embley said Graff's action came in the wake of media reports on leaked investigative files that describe sexual misconduct in the Alaska Army National Guard, some accounts involving high school students. 

According to the files, a former student at Dimond High School in Anchorage said that an officer repeatedly asked her out on dates. The woman said that the officer told her she was pretty and that her eyes “stunned” him. When he tried to take her to his home, she jumped out of the car and used a stranger’s phone to call her father for help. 

Two other former Dimond High students said the same officer invited them to parties where there would be alcohol. They were underage. A sergeant said the officer bragged about having sex with several people, including a high school student, according to the files prepared between 2010 and 2014.

The Alaska National Guard expressed disappointment in the school district and claims to have replaced all the bad apples, but it is really hard to blame the school district for demonstrating caution.

Besides I actually think that it would be a great thing is recruiters were simply kept out of high school from now on. It was one of the worst features of the No Child Left Behind Act and I think it is time for it to come to an end.

I think Sarah Palin has come to realize that her endorsement is the kiss of death. Or less likely, she and I are supporting the same candidate.

Courtesy of ADN:

Former Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker. 

The endorsement came at a reception hosted by Palin Tuesday night in which she told about 100 guests that she supports Walker and his running mate, Byron Mallott, because she trusts them to responsibly develop Alaska’s resources for the maximum benefit of the state’s residents, said a release from the Walker-Mallott campaign. 

"Last night my family, along with Byron and Toni Mallott, and our campaign staff attended a reception hosted by Todd and Sarah Palin at their lakeside property in Wasilla,” said Walker in a press release sent Wednesday.

Okay seriously what in the hell is Walker doing associating with this poisonous family?

I'M supporting Bill Walker. Sarah Palin and I can;t be for the same guy, that is one of the signs of the Apocalypse!

This has to be some kind of sabotage.

I mean are we to believe that Palin would publicly come out in support of the guy running against her former Lt. Governor, and the guy she chose to replace her after she quit to avoid prosecution? 

Unless it's because she knows that by doing so she will sabotage the Walker candidacy and help Parnell to win again.

THAT'S got to be it!

Oooh she's a tricky one.

But hey, do you know what Parnell could do to demonstrate his anger at her betrayal? He could start releasing some of those redacted state e-mails of hers, un-redacted, and perhaps supplement them with some juicy behind the scenes information that we have not yet been made aware of.

I mean I'm still voting for Walker, but it would go along way toward persuading me to stop putting pins in my "Captain Zero" voodoo doll.

Bristol Palin's ghostwriter helps her to tell HER side of the drunken brawl. Spoiler alert: Bristol is an innocent victim. Update!

"He had his hands on me, pushing me down.  That’s when I swung and hit his face."
So the Palin family is calling in all of their apologists to help spin the drunken brawl story their way.

This includes Bristol's blog writer Nancy French. who essentially weaves a tale of woe that has little in common with the facts as we know them. The title of this revisionist history is "The Truth about the “Palin Brawl” – The Media Reveals Its Bias Against Conservative Women Once Again."

Okay buckle up because you know there are going to be plenty of sharp turns and sudden stops in this wild ride.

First she starts off listing all of "lies" told about the Palin family.

Such as that Trig is not Sarah's son. (Of course he is. She adopted him.)

That they can see Russia from their house. (Not anymore I think Putin is building a wall to specifically keep from horrified by their antics.)

And that her parents are, and no I am not typing this wrong, "giving" a divorce.

After that Brancy attempts to paint their masterpiece of mendacity....with their fingers apparently.

First off it seems that Bristol is blaming the attack on Steve Lebida on Connor Cleary, who she claims was tweeting that now infamous phrase "About to be famous up in this bitch" DURING the party on September 6th.

However that tweet did not come out until September the eleventh. So I think we can all safely call bullshit on this one.

Bristol goes on to claim that it was Connor's mother who pushed Willow. (Does anybody else find it interesting that now she claims to know who this was, after telling the police she had no idea of the woman's name or age?)

So in Bristol's story she was in the limo when Willow came up to her crying after being pushed down by this lady. (Connor Cleary's mom in this story.)

Well Bristol could not let that slide because, and these are Brancy's words, "Next to God, family is the most important thing to me."

I am going to cut and paste this next part for accuracy, as I don't want to get any of the carefully crafted wording wrong:

After I got out of the car, I didn’t get far. I never even got to talk to his mom, because a guy in his late thirties or early forties got in my face. He was towering over me – probably at 6 foot something and over 200 pounds. He puffed his chest out and started yelling. 

“You c-nt!” he looked right in my eyes and said. “Get the f-ck out of here, you slut!” 

I was alarmed that things had gotten so bad so fast. But it got even worse when this guy started pushing me. He had his hands on me, pushing me down. That’s when I swung and hit his face. 

Some would say I should’ve never retaliated in defense against him, but certainly he should never have pushed a girl. It didn’t phase him. He pushed me down to the ground and kept me there. 

It was scary and awful. He held me down until someone got me out of the situation. 

That’s it – that’s the story. 

I didn’t “swing and hit him seven times with a strong right hook” as so many so-called news stories have reported. After this incident, I still had a perfect manicure on all ten of my nails. Plus – I’m left handed. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to begin “swinging” at someone. 

The incident was scary and infuriating. I had bruises all over me from being pushed down.

(The above is exactly how this is written on the blog right now. I want you all to remember that in case it gets changed later.)

Okay so to be clear this, in no way, reflects the version told by seven eyewitnesses and Korey Klingenmeyer himself.  However the Palins believe that because of their infamy and money THEY can change the narrative and the press will simply eat it up. (P.S. For those who want to compare this fantasy to the facts, just click here.)

From there Brancy dares to compare how this incident is being covered to the media response concerning news about Joe Biden's son or coverage of the Clintons.

The last part goes like this:  

But it wasn’t Chelsea. 

It wasn’t Hillary. 

It wasn’t someone they liked or someone they agreed with. 

It was a conservative. 

And once again, the hypocrisy of the media is laid bare.

Just so you know I was able to get a message out to Korey Klingenmeyer yesterday through a few connections, that he needed to seriously consider getting a lawyer and pressing charges. 

I would give the same advice to the Cleary family as well.

The Palins survive because people are too afraid to stand up to them.

Well if they don't nobody will. And the time is now.

Right fucking now.

Update: Brancy has now added a report from CNN for which she takes great umbrage.

Update 2: Unbelievably Carol Costello of CNN is now apologizing for her remarks (Warning, link takes you to Breitbart.):

"Over the past few days I have been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family," Costello writes. "In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize."

According to CNN she will NOT be apologizing on the air.

But still WTF?

Attempts by conservative school board members in Colorado to teach revisionist history to AP students is turning angry Republicans into Democrats.

Courtesy of HuffPo:  

"For the first time in my life, I will probably vote a straight Democratic ticket." 

That realization came as something of a surprise to non-practicing attorney Wendy McCord, who has always thought of herself as a Republican. The mother of two children in Jefferson County's public school system, McCord told The Huffington Post that she has been politically transformed by the actions of the new conservative majority on the county school board, which presides over the state's second-largest school district. 

Here in Jefferson County, a bellwether battleground that is almost evenly split between Republicans, Democrats and independents, a local educational controversy is resonating with county voters who otherwise might not have been engaged in this year's elections. Frustrated Republicans like McCord could be the deciding votes in Colorado's gubernatorial race, in which Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) faces a strong challenge from former Rep. Bob Beauprez (R), as well as its Senate race, in which Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is in danger of being unseated by Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner. 

The battle began last November, when three conservative candidates for county school board swept into office, establishing a majority on the five-person board. The newly-elected board members hired their own attorney and proceeded to clash with teachers and parents over issues such as pay, charter schools and kindergarten expansion. The move that garnered the most national attention, however, was a proposal for a new Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum that would de-emphasize civil disobedience and disorder while emphasizing patriotism, citizenship and "respect for authority." To protest the proposal, thousands of students left their classrooms and held demonstrations in solidarity with their teachers, who called in sick.

I have already covered this Colorado debacle both here and here.

At the time of those two posts I was frustrated that conservatives were once again trying to hijack public education, and also encouraged by the fact that the teachers and students were standing up to them.

But now it looks like the whole thing may be backfiring in a big way. Which of course is good for everyone.

I swear this is the creepiest message from a pastor begging Millenials to come back to church that you will read all day.

Courtesy of Patheos:  

Dear Millennials, 

I know it’s kind of creepy. We want to know where you live, and what classes you take in school (and how much you pay for it). We want to know where you drink coffee; who you date and for how long; what you read, where you spend your money, and what you GIVE your money to; what kind of relationship you have with your parents, how far you wander from home, and how often you go back there. We want to see the depths of your soul, and then we want to take you out for a local craft beer. (You like that, right??) 

And for the love of all that is holy, we want to know why you left us?? Why did you leave the church? Why? Were we not sexy enough for you? Not smart enough? Too needy? Is it something we said? We can be better! Just give us another chance. 

We know. We’re like the bad ex who just can’t quit you. We are the Facebook trolls who want to like everything you like and then tear you apart when we disagree with your politics or your spending habits. We know it. We see it in ourselves. And we are sorry. 

The thing is, we are scared. We are afraid, now that you’ve dumped us, that no one will ever love us again. The generations before you—X and Y—staged pretty massive exoduses (exodi?) on their own. But you…well, we’ve never seen the likes of your kind of leaving. It is epic. It is destructive. It is breaking our hearts.

The author, one  Rev. Erin Wathen who is the Senior Pastor of Saint Andrew Christian Church, then goes on to admit that if the church loses the Millenials that they will have no shot at the children of the Millenials, which kind of makes this incredibly creepy plea even MORE creepy.

She then identifies that the problem is not with the young people, but with the church itself and promises to change.

However I must say, keeping with the whole "ex-lover" theme, that I had a girlfriend make me the same assurances. Not only did she not change, but she got even more clingy and scarier to be around.

I think this is rather amazing, and wonderful news. The idea that churches in this country might really be about to take a major hit when it comes to attendance numbers and monetary support, can only mean good things for the nation going forward.

Surely very offensive to Christians but you can't fault the accuracy.

I personally don't understand why we ever stopped worshiping fertility idols.

After all I would much rather pray to this then to have to deal with that poor masochistic bastard on the cross.