Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanks to Obamacare more young women are being diagnosed with cervical cancer. And that's a good thing.

Courtesy of Think Progress:  

More young women are getting screened and diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer, potentially because Obamacare allows them to access insurance benefits through their parents’ plans, according to a new study from American Cancer Society researchers. 

The researchers examined a large database that tracks cancer cases in the United States. They compared the cancer diagnoses among women between the ages of 21 to 25 to the diagnoses among women between the ages of 26 to 34 — both before and after the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansion took effect. 

An Obamacare provision that allows young adults to remain insured through their parents’ plans until the age of 26 appears to have affected the rates of cervical cancer diagnosis among that demographic. After the ACA, the diagnosis rates significantly rose for the women in their early twenties and remained fairly constant for older women. 

“It’s a very remarkable finding, actually,” researcher Dr. Ahmedin Jemal told the New York Times. “You see the effect of the ACA on the cancer outcomes.” 

It’s better to receive an early cancer diagnosis because the disease is easier to treat in its early stages and patients are more likely to survive. Even though it might not sound like a good thing that cervical cancer cases are on the rise, it’s actually reflective of the fact that more people are using their health insurance to get screened. Previous research has found that people with insurance are more likely to take advantage of preventative health services like screenings that can detect cancer as soon as possible.

Just another reminder of how President Obama has positively effected this country, and its citizens. 

And don't forget that if the Republicans get their way, they will gladly take this away from us.

And in doing so condemn potentially hundreds of people to an easily avoidable death.

Finally a protest that I can get behind 100%.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama round out the top three for Black Friday brawls.

Courtesy of WRCB: 

Arkansas and Tennessee top the list for Black Friday fights. Arkansas tops the list at number one, followed by Tennessee and Alabama. Missouri ranks in at number 5. 

Shoppers love saving money, but when it comes to Black Friday, some Midsoutherners go to extreme measures to get those hot items. Experts said there is a way to save money while staying safe.

Yes there is a way to save money and stay safe, DON'T go shopping on Black Friday. (More brawls here.)

Wait until Cyber Monday, that way you still get great deals and you can shop in your pajamas from home.

Who wouldn't rather shop in their pajamas?

Oh wait, I forgot about the Wal-Mart shoppers.

Did anybody else happen to notice that the map up above closely matches this one?

Anybody else completely unsurprised?

Active shooting in vicinity of Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. Update!

Courtesy of ABC News:  

Three officers were shot near a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood in what police are describing as an "active shooter" situation, officials said. 

After saying earlier that the shooter had been "contained," police said they could not confirm where the suspect is, according to Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs PD. 

They were actively searching from building to building and encountered gunfire around 2:30 p.m. local time. 

It was not clear how seriously the officers were injured and police said there may be more victims.

This is a developing situation so as we all know there will be more information forthcoming, and the number of casualties and degree of injuries will change several times.

Here is more courtesy of the Mirror:

The gunman who walked into the clinic around noon and began opening fire, KKTV reports. There were also reportedly armed security guards.

“Rounds are coming through the window,” one police officer told the dispatcher on the police scanner, USA Today reported.

It is also too early to make any determinations as to the reasons behind the shooting, but if you have been reading the news, of simply reading here at IM, I am sure you have the same suspicions that I have.

CBS News reported that a witness who works near the abortion clinic says there are up to 10 pro-life protestors outside the site most days. 

The organization that runs the clinic has been threatened with arson and cyber attacks in the past.

I am going to be surprised if this is not related to those doctored videos in some way.


Update 2: So yes as I mentioned in the comments the shooter is now in custody: 

"The perpetrator is in custody. The situation has been resolved. There's no continuing peril to the citizens of Colorado Springs," Mayor John Suthers told reporters Friday. "But there's a huge crime scene that has to be processed. We have to determine exactly how many victims there are. We'll be reporting on that in the near future." 

Eleven people have been transported to local hospitals, according to Colorado Springs Police Lt. Catherine Buckley. Five of those transported are police officers from various responding agencies, Buckley said.

At least right now nobody is reporting that there were any deaths as a result of this attack, which as we know is just about the best outcome that one can expect from a situation like this.

Update 3: Well I spoke too soon:  

Three people -- two civilians and one police officer -- were killed in Friday's shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, police said.

I imagine that since the shooter is alive, that sometime tomorrow, or later in the week, we will hear what his motivation was for this senseless act, and why he changed his mind about setting off his explosives. 

Trump mocks reporter's disability, then denies mocking reporter's disability, demands apology from mocked reporter's newspaper.

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

A day after he was widely rebuked for mocking a reporter with a physical disability, business mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump on Thursday denied that he had done so and accused the reporter of “using his disability to grandstand.” 

Trump also demanded an apology from the New York Times, the reporter’s employer, which earlier in the week issued a statement condemning Trump for ridiculing “the appearance of one of our reporters.” 

The incident occurred Tuesday at a rally in South Carolina, as Trump was defending his recent claim that he had witnessed thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey on Sept. 11, 2001, as the World Trade Center towers collapsed. On stage, Trump berated Times investigative reporter Serge Kovaleski for his recent recollection of an article he wrote a few days after the attacks, which Trump has been citing to defend his claim. 

Trump appeared to mock Kovaleski’s physical condition; the reporter has arthrogryposis, which visibly limits flexibility in his arms.

Part of Trump's defense is that he does not even remember meeting this reporter, so how could he mock his appearance?

In his statement Thursday, Trump said:  

“I have no idea who this reporter, Serge Kovalski [sic] is, what he looks like or his level of intelligence. I don’t know if he is J.J. Watt or Muhammad Ali in his prime — or somebody of less athletic or physical ability. Despite having one of the all-time great memories I certainly do not remember him.” 

“Kovaleski must think a lot of himself if he thinks I remember him from decades ago — if I ever met him at all, which I doubt I did,” Trump said. “He should stop using his disability to grandstand and get back to reporting for a paper that is rapidly going down the tubes.”

So Trump claims to have one of the "all-time great memories" which apparently does not retain information that might make him look like an asshole.

How handy.

That must be helpful when Trump makes insults about a woman's face,   mocks a celebrities weight, or accuses a reporter of bleeding from "wherever."

Wasilla never disappoints.

Courtesy of Alaska Public: 

Wasilla city officials heard public testimony Monday night about a library book that is concerning some parents. The book, “This Book is Gay” was written by a U.K. author, James Dawson, and some parents say it is not appropriate content for the library’s young readers. The dispute started earlier this month. When one mother noticed her 10-year-old with a copy of This Book is Gay in his hand, she was shocked. Vanessa Campbell told the Frontiersman newspaper the book contained graphic sexual descriptions, and has no place in the library’s juvenile nonfiction section. 

This Book is Gay is written for young readers, or any readers, grappling with questions about homosexuality. It’s tone is humorous, and it contains cartoons, but some of the content explains sexual practices, and that is what concerns some Wasilla parents. 

Campbell complained to library director K.J. Martin-Albright, but Martin-Albright, after review, decided not to move the book to another library area. 

Campbell filed for reconsideration, a rarely used process, to get a change in what section of the library the book will be shelved. David Cheezum, owner of Palmer’s Fireside Books, is on the committee that will make that decision.

One local Wasilla resident had this to say about he book:  

“It is straight-up pedophile kind of behavior.”

Ah, the old "homosexuality equals pedophilia" canard.  Gee that never gets old.

Well I am sure that Sarah Palin could not be more proud of her fellow Wasillians. Especially since she targeted the book "Pastor, I am gay" written by Reverend Howard Bess back when she was the mayor of the glorified bait and tackle shop.

Might be the final Bristol baby bump photo.

Courtesy of Bristol Palin's Pikore account:

Happy Thanksgiving �� .. thankful for my babies ❤️❤️

You know that "babies" comment is going to get a lot of attention. 

Muslim attacked because Texas man thought he was receiving instructions from ISIS through his headphones. You know because that's how that works.

Courtesy of KEYE: 

The imam at the Nueces Mosque near UT, Umer Esmail, says they want to make sure students are safe when they come to the mosque. 

"We need to provide security for them, that should be our top priority," Esmail said. 

This is after Esmail says a student was allegedly pushed to the ground on Guadalupe Street the day after the Paris attacks. 

"Because he had headphones on, the guy yelled at him saying are you taking instructions from ISIS," Esmail said. "This is like a wakeup call for us, we need to do something because we have students coming here." 

That alleged assault just a few blocks away from the mosque is one of the reasons Esmail says they're having Austin Police do a security survey on his mosque. He says APD will also be surveying other Austin mosques.

So what now only white Christians can wear headphones in America?  That is some racist shit right there.

And things are only going to get worse for the Islamic community in America with the GOP presidential candidates and Fox News spending virtually 24 hours a day trying to frighten them about terrorism, Syrian refugees, and now apparently headphones.

You wait, we can only be about a week or less away from the first shooting of a Muslim for simply being Muslim.

It's Black Friday! Everybody take cover until it blows over!

So it is Black Friday which I will celebrate in my traditional fashion, by not buying one single damn thing today.

Nice try corporate America but if you want me to participate in the shopping equivalent of the Hunger Games you're going to have to offer something a little more tantalizing than 40% off of big screen TV's. (Besides I already have a big screen TV.)

After all I'm a guy, and as a guy this is essentially my caveman like approach to shopping:

"Ugh me need clothes."

Three months later:

"Ugh me still need clothes."

Then another six months after that:

"Ugh me all out of clothes without holes, must go shopping now."

At the store:

"Ugh these clothes next to entrance. Good enough, me buy."

Later at home:

"Ugh hate all of new clothes, me still wear old tattered clothes instead. What's on TV?"

That essentially it, only sometimes it is more primitive.

So you all enjoy your day of allowing big business to manipulate you into acting like animals. I will be right here at home, eating, sleeping, and scratching myself.

You know like an animal, but one who still has money on his credit card.